Review: Rule Him by Gisele St. Claire

Series: School of Seduction #1


My review (amazon link)

Candy is a girl with a big dream, who needs help to get the last puzzle pieces together. Enter one s*xy AF teacher, can the keep it under wrap or will it all explode?

In this book is just a number based on the birth certificate.

Steamy, taboo and a rollercoaster ride

I received an ARC and I am leaving a voluntary review, but everything I write is my own opinion.


Blurb: (from Goodreads)

Candy lives in a gilded cage on the Upper East Side, where money is no object but she hungers for more. Living for literature, she dreams of writing a novel or becoming an English teacher.

At Lincoln High, all anyone wants to talk about is her upcoming eighteenth and the school prom. Candy also wants to focus on improving her grades and so looks for a tutor.

Then into the classroom walks Parker Newell, the new English teacher for the last semester. He is HOT. Candy’s interest in English is even greater when he offers to tutor her.

But nothing can happen between teacher and student. The hot as hell teacher couldn’t be interested in her. She’s just a fool with a schoolgirl crush. Yet, it looks like his behavior might indicate he just may want some sweet Candy after all…

If you’ve imagined being crushed against the wall by a s*xy *ss teacher or you love a secret/forbidden romance read on…




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