Review: The Billionaire’s dirty virgin by Lexi Adams

My review (amazon link)

Ellie May is trapped because of what her father did or did not do. Ian has a hard time seeing the whole picture, and that Ellie May is not responsible for what her father chooses to do. Can Ian open his eyes before it is too late?

Nice and sweet read. Deception, romance and revenge all in one neat little package

I received an ARC and I am leaving a voluntary review, but everything I write is my own opinion.


Blurb: (from Goodreads)

I’ve waited too long to get my revenge, and now it’s time to even the odds.

Ellie May has no idea what’s coming to her, and I won’t be kind or gentle…

Ian Seville

I want to ruin him. Destroy his life.

I want to take away everything that he owns and loves.

I don’t care what anybody thinks, Ellie May’s father is solely responsible for my mother’s death.

What better way to get my revenge than to capture his innocent and beautiful daughter’s heart then proceed to break it?

But, once I hired Ellie May at my company to get closer, things changed.

There was something about her.

When Ellie May told me she was a virgin my mouth absolutely dropped.

Who knew a virgin can have such a dirty mind?

That’s my fault. I should have never judged her by appearance.

I didn’t expect Ellie May to drive me crazy with her dirty thoughts behind those innocent virgin eyes.

I didn’t expect to feel something for her.

My perfect plan to get my revenge on Ellie May’s father isn’t going to be as easy as I thought it would be…




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