Review: Heart of darkness by Jane Hinchey

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Blurb: (from goodreads)

Once she was human. Now she’s something else altogether.

Indigo Delta is an assassin for hire. Half human, half android, she’s an elite fighting machine. She follows orders without question, kills without emotion, and gets the job done with minimal fuss.

Then she meets him: Ryker Victor. Her next target.

Ryker falls for Indigo the moment he lays eyes on her. Granted, she is trying to kill him, but he’s ready for her. After all, he’s also a creation of the Institute—one they desperately want to silence. Now he has to convince Indigo that he’s telling the truth and that the Institute was founded on lies they will do anything to hide.

Heart of Darkness is an action-packed sci-fi romance between a man with a mission and a woman with a secret that jeopardizes them both.


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A good book – was a little sad when there was a big jump in time, could have been interesting to read what happened in that period of time.

Loved the story and the characters – good and quick read.

I received an ARC and I am leaving a voluntary review, but everything I write is my own opinion.



Review: The other side of the wall by A.D. Starrling

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Blurb: (from goodreads)

Have you ever seen flashes of darkness where there should only be light?

Ever seen shadows skitter past out of the corner of your eyes and looked, only to find nothing there?

Forced into a sabbatical following his affair with an undergrad student, university professor Jim Grayson rents Holloway Farm for the summer, in the hope that time away from his wife will help salvage his marriage. But all is not what it seems at the farmhouse and he soon finds himself at the mercy of powers beyond his understanding.

The Other Side of The Wall is a horror short story from multi-award-winning paranormal action thriller author AD Starrling. If you like things that go bump in the night, then you’ll shiver at this spine-tingling tale.


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Strange things happen in this book. Creepy book, good thing I read it during the day.

Quick read, not the ending I would have anticipated.

“I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy of this book that I received from the publisher. Everything I write is my own opinion “

other side

Review: Shameless by M. Malone & Nana Malone

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Blurb: (from goodreads)

I am the thing that goes bump in the night. I am a liar, a protector…a killer…I am Noah Blake.

There is only one light in my darkness, one bright ray in the storm of my life. Lucia DeMarco. And I’ll do anything for her. Anything except show her who I really am…an assassin. Well, former assassin. I don’t really do that anymore…usually.

It would be easier if she didn’t call me names. Asshole, control freak … shameless. It would also be easier if she didn’t look at me with those trusting gray eyes. If I didn’t dream about the perfect curve of her — never mind all that. The point is she’s digging into my world, my secrets, and it’s going to get her killed.

But first, we have another more immediate concern. Lucia is going on a date—With someone else…

And I’m not allowed to kill this one.


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Shameless is book one in a planned trilogy, and boy, did it bring humor, heat and combustible energy.

Lucia lost her brother six years ago, and ever since, she has been trying to piece together what happened.

Noah promised Lucia’s brother that he would watch over her. And he has been, but she’s all grown up now, and it’s getting harder and harder for Noah to see her as anything but a desirable woman.

Noah tries to keep Lucia locked away in her own apartment! But Lucia is having none of that – go girl

The tension and lust between these two kept me reading like a maniac and looking like a damn fool for smiling so much some.

Noah is sweet in his own weird way, and he is really trying to keep his promise to Rafe (Lucia’s brother)

Both Noah and Lucia are such hard-headed people, and they clash often. You know the moment of combustion is coming, and they light up the pages.

Looking forward to more of Noah and Lucia – and the rest of Noah quirky crew of security.

The only minor detail is that Shameless end on a cliffhanger. I knew it going in, but I still manage to think noooooo, and now I am only waiting on the next one.

I received an ARC and I am leaving a voluntary review, but everything I write is my own opinion.


Review: City Boy, Southern Girl by H.C. Bentley

(A Small Town Hearts Novella)

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Blurb: (from goodreads)

Growing up in a small town, Sarah Wright knew city boy Jake Ryland was going to be trouble the minute she saw him.

In order to help a friend, Jake moved from his home in the city – with its vast amounts of entertainment options and women – to a small town in the middle of nowhere. Accustomed to the fast paced life he loved, life now seemed to move as slow as the molasses the South was known for. Until he met Sarah.

Sarah knew Jake’s stay in town was temporary, and did her best not to be drawn in by his charm and good looks. And after a disastrous first date, she thought she was safe. Little did she know…

As their relationship builds, so does their chemistry…and their feelings for one another. Do they try to find a way to make it work, even though they come from different worlds? Or do they walk away now and wonder what might have been?


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Sarah is content where she is and has all kinds of words about who Jake is. Luckily her friend Kari is not afraid to kick her in the butt a couple of times. Jake is helping an old friend (Marc – Karis love), because that is what you do for friends. He cannot wait to get back to the city but wants to get to know Sarah. Sarah does not want anything to do with Jake at first because he is leaving, soon right?

Jake does everything he can to convince Sarah of his intentions but does she believe him. And has Jake thought about his own life and what he wants out of it.

Loved that Sarah is not the insta love kind of girl, and that Jake actually listen to what she says.

I received an ARC and I am leaving a voluntary review, but everything I write is my own opinion.