Review: A Spirited Defense by Michele Bardsley


Series: Violetta Graves Mystery #2


My review

Love love love Violetta and her sister, they’re just so sweet, funny and totally crazy. Violetta sees ghosts but also tries to find out what has happened to them. Throw the delicious detective Matt into the picture and you have a wonderful story. Violetta is an engaging character and her sass is fun to experience.

I’m hooked and ready for more of Violetta Graves adventures with the dead. These little mysteries are full of humor yet also have a death that Violetta must solve which she does along with her sisters help.

So much fun to read, I must admit that it had me chuckling one in a while – so much fun between Violetta and her sister.



Blurb: (from Goodreads)

Las Vegas cocktail waitress Violetta Graves sees spirits. No, not alcohol. Dead people. Yeah, it’s as fun as it sounds. She’s bunking with her sister and brother-in-law, who argue all the time, and her four-year-old nephew. Just as she’s finally getting her life on track, she gets a spirit visit that leads her straight to a corpse in suburbia—smack dab in the middle of her sister’s fancy neighborhood.

Violetta has no choice but to call in hunky homicide detective Matt Stone, who for some crazy reason wants to date her. As she deals with her sister’s marital woes, her new job, and her wanna-be boyfriend, she discovers a terrible secret that will lead them to a revenge-driven murderer and may well send Violetta on the Other Side—permanently.


Review: In Good Spirits by Michele Bardsley


Series: Violetta Graves Mystery #1


My review

Violetta day is just gone from bad to worse. She has just been in court with her ex-boyfriend because she was perhaps a little fast for revenge NAH he deserved it, but now she owes him money and he gets her necklace as part of the payment and it is not any necklace – now all the “fun” begins.

Much happens, and she is accused of murder. Luckily, this wraps up, no cliffhanger. I wanted more. I enjoyed her snarky humor.

I needed to laugh, and this did it. “Men have sweaty balls. It’s like acid that eats away at the fragile fabric.”

Add the delicious detective Matt Stone and it all gets a little more ……. Awkward.

Super good book – laughed many times over what Violetta and her sister did.


Blurb: (from Goodreads)

When Las Vegas cocktail waitress Violetta Graves is wrongly accused of killing her ex-boyfriend, she knows the odds are stacked against her. Still, she’ll do almost anything to avoid using her gift (hah!): the bad-luck-inducing ability to talk to ghosts.

Being considered a murder suspect by hunky homicide detective Matthew Stone motivates Vie to straighten out her priorities. She’s being framed by an unknown killer, her uptight sister has lost her ever-lovin’ mind, and the hot guy she can’t resist might have to arrest her. Vie has no choice but to turn to the supernatural for help, and try to remain in good spirits.

Review: A Seal’s Secret Desire by Arabella Steedly


My review (amazon link)

She is a recruit chosen to be the first female SEAL, he is her instructor but also someone from her past. This is their journey from point a to point be with jealousy, determination, love, honor and courage. Nice quick read

The strong structure storyline and well-developed characters and supporting characters brilliant exquisitely well written. The story is drama rom-com adventure provocative captivating sizzling chemistry strength of character and captivating from start to finish. This is well written and gives you a sense of military life. Not only does the story appreciate the skill, endurance and mental fortitude to meet the challenges of being a SEAL, it highlights the interpersonal struggles and restraints as well.

I received an ARC and I am leaving a voluntary review, but everything I write is my own opinion.

Blurb: (from Goodreads)


Unbelievable! It was my best friend’s little sister who stepped off the bus as the recruit chosen to become the first female Navy SEAL.

My natural instinct was to protect the buff, leggy blond. The problem was I was Sarah’s trainer, and the regulations were clear that I could show on favoritism or fraternize with the recruits.

Her daddy was a well-connected retired Army General who called to check on her progress often.

The Navy was my life until she reappeared. It didn’t take long for me to decide I wanted her for my own. Come hell or high water!



Why would James be assigned as my instructor? Surely, Commander Jones knew he was a friend of the family.

I had a crush on him and cried when he left town and joined the Navy. Back then, she was still skinny.

Wow!!! How he had changed. He was hot in his aviator shades. His wide chest and six-pack abs rippled under his fatigues.

Growing up, I had plenty of boyfriends and loved to go to parties, but in my heart, there was only room for one man. That man was James.

So, I was still a virgin.

****Steamy, Standalone Adult Novel****

Review: Abuse: The Complete Trilogy by Nikki Sex & S.H. Beans


Series: Abuse #1-3


My review (amazon link)

Holy crap on a stick this was a dark book AF “well the subject was.”

I could not put the book away from me, despite the subject it was great. Oh, how I’d would like to try and meet the dear Andre Chevalier and the way he connected with the other characters was fascinating. Throughout all three books, I think that there is a good “atmosphere”, conversations and the situations are well described without being too much. There is the right amount of information. I like to Renata and Grant did not have it easy together and that it requires something from both. It was an avalanche of strong emotions reading this Trilogy…. this story has so many layers. This series is not only a (very, very hot) love story involving abused victims and all the psychological aspects of abuse but its’ also more: it’s a thriller! It’s its own unique genre.

I would highly recommend it….it has been therapeutic, Fascinating, Absorbing, Hard, Insightful and refreshingly different……I hope if you get to read it…… you enjoy, as much as much as I have!!



Blurb: (from Goodreads)

Bonjour, my name is André Chevalier. It has been my joy and my great honor to help those who have lost their way. Not long after I began my journey, I met two such wounded souls.

Renata Koreman, my little mouse. She came to me as a child—shy, mute, injured… broken. It took oh-so many years to start to bring her back to herself! Yet, I could not fully heal her.

Years later, Grant Wilkinson, he too fell into my hands. The ex-Army Ranger was badly disfigured and saw himself as a monster. Isolated by secrets, solitary and self-contained, his colleagues affectionately named him ‘Frosty.’ Yet, how should one behave when besieged by a lifetime of confusion and guilt?

The moment I saw him, I thought of her and I wondered. The eyes, they cannot always see clearly. And the heart? Ah, the heart can only guess at the truth. So it was that I remained uncertain.

Could the mouse and the monster heal each other?

Behind a backdrop of secrets, scandal, and murder, the ABUSE trilogy (Abuse, Accuse, Avenge) is a realistic journey full of healing, twists, turns and surprises.