Review: The Roommate Arrangement by Vanessa Waltz

My review (amazon link)

Loved it. Although I wanted to throttle Grayson a couple of times.

And her family…… I felt so bad for her. Lots of hot moments – yum

Good read with steamy scenes *fans herself*

I received an ARC and I am leaving a voluntary review, but everything I write is my own opinion


Blurb: (from Goodreads)

Seven hot bachelors.

One forbidden fling.

The only man I want is the one I can’t have.

My brother gave me a place to stay. His one rule? Don’t fool around with his friends.

They’re seven men, all with smoking-hot bodies and no boundaries. I’m the Help in this ridiculous bachelor pad. If it’s not strip-poker weekend, it’s nude pool parties. They’re making my life and libido a living hell.

Especially Grayson: a six-foot-two athlete with sun-kissed skin, slabs and slabs of muscle, and gorgeous dimples curving into his cheeks. The moment I saw him, I was smitten. Then he kissed me. Laid me on the kitchen table. Stroked my body with his tongue.

Now we can’t keep our hands off each other. It’s a forbidden romance, a hot summer fling, but I’ll trade everything to have endless balmy nights with him.

We could have it all if it weren’t for my overprotective brother. The guy holding an axe over my future. He’ll kick me to the curb if he finds out, but I’m risking it all just to have Grayson for one more night.

Did I mention he’s my brother’s ex-best friend?

Author’s Note: This is the second in the series, but it is a full-length standalone novel.



Review: The Billionaire CEO by Jolie Day


My review (amazon link)

Jeremy Hoffmann is a jerk by Samantha’s standards until she get to know him better. Samantha is not one to write off easily, because she is sassy, hot and smart.

Nice and quick little read 😊

I received an ARC and I am leaving a voluntary review, but everything I write is my own opinion.


Blurb: (from Goodreads)

He’s arrogant, filthy rich, sexy and…a jerk.

Samantha Lowman:

It was bad enough that I had to work the Help Desk, something that at my level of experience I should definitely not be doing. But then I had to get a call from him…Jeremy Hoffman. I’d heard that the successful CEO could be a bit of…a jerk. But when I walked into his office I nearly had to pick up my jaw from the ground. His corporate picture did him no justice. He was all muscle, sex and power sitting behind his big CEO desk.

Jeremy Hoffman:

All I need is for my damn computer to get fixed and for the proposal to be recovered. The last thing I need is a mouthy, sassy, sexy as hell distraction like Samantha Lowman. But she’s my only hope if I’m not going to lose everything I’ve worked so hard for. How will I be able to spend all night working to this beautiful woman, when all I can focus on is her killer curves? It’s going to be one hell of a night.


WARNING: This BBW Alpha Billionaire Romance contains mature themes and language. It is intended to be enjoyed by an 18+ audience only. Read at your own risk!

Review: The Billionaire’s dirty virgin by Lexi Adams

My review (amazon link)

Ellie May is trapped because of what her father did or did not do. Ian has a hard time seeing the whole picture, and that Ellie May is not responsible for what her father chooses to do. Can Ian open his eyes before it is too late?

Nice and sweet read. Deception, romance and revenge all in one neat little package

I received an ARC and I am leaving a voluntary review, but everything I write is my own opinion.


Blurb: (from Goodreads)

I’ve waited too long to get my revenge, and now it’s time to even the odds.

Ellie May has no idea what’s coming to her, and I won’t be kind or gentle…

Ian Seville

I want to ruin him. Destroy his life.

I want to take away everything that he owns and loves.

I don’t care what anybody thinks, Ellie May’s father is solely responsible for my mother’s death.

What better way to get my revenge than to capture his innocent and beautiful daughter’s heart then proceed to break it?

But, once I hired Ellie May at my company to get closer, things changed.

There was something about her.

When Ellie May told me she was a virgin my mouth absolutely dropped.

Who knew a virgin can have such a dirty mind?

That’s my fault. I should have never judged her by appearance.

I didn’t expect Ellie May to drive me crazy with her dirty thoughts behind those innocent virgin eyes.

I didn’t expect to feel something for her.

My perfect plan to get my revenge on Ellie May’s father isn’t going to be as easy as I thought it would be…



Review: Rule Him by Gisele St. Claire

Series: School of Seduction #1


My review (amazon link)

Candy is a girl with a big dream, who needs help to get the last puzzle pieces together. Enter one s*xy AF teacher, can the keep it under wrap or will it all explode?

In this book is just a number based on the birth certificate.

Steamy, taboo and a rollercoaster ride

I received an ARC and I am leaving a voluntary review, but everything I write is my own opinion.


Blurb: (from Goodreads)

Candy lives in a gilded cage on the Upper East Side, where money is no object but she hungers for more. Living for literature, she dreams of writing a novel or becoming an English teacher.

At Lincoln High, all anyone wants to talk about is her upcoming eighteenth and the school prom. Candy also wants to focus on improving her grades and so looks for a tutor.

Then into the classroom walks Parker Newell, the new English teacher for the last semester. He is HOT. Candy’s interest in English is even greater when he offers to tutor her.

But nothing can happen between teacher and student. The hot as hell teacher couldn’t be interested in her. She’s just a fool with a schoolgirl crush. Yet, it looks like his behavior might indicate he just may want some sweet Candy after all…

If you’ve imagined being crushed against the wall by a s*xy *ss teacher or you love a secret/forbidden romance read on…